The doxo System’s Security Means No Scams, Just Secure Personal Finance

May 22, 2019
Among the most common struggles most households deal with comes with keeping all of the family's finances in order. That is one reason the personal finance app doxo was created. More than a decade after doxo’s founding, millions of folks use their service to pay all their bills and also to keep copies of everything, including statements, invoices and other important documents in the doxo virtual file cabinet.

With doxo, bill payers tend to experience a feeling of complete control, and that is often a new feeling. One reason for that peace of mind is based on the reality that doxo make users' lives completely paperless. Everything related to their finances is in a single location where everyone can access them without complaints or hassles. doxo was founded in Seattle by forward-thinking idea people and venture capitalists like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and his firm, Bezos Expeditions, who all view doxo as a way to make it easier for ordinary people to keep track of their bills, pay them and to reduce the resultant paperwork. And the security is so strong, it makes scams almost impossible.